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Semi Rigid Clear Lexan®

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.015" Clear Semi-Rigid Lexan Polycarbonate
Also Known As:
graphic displays glow signs light signs LED signs Backlit Insert Signs

One of our most unique and interesting products...

Add another dimension to your design and photography. Transparency versus opaque. These panels can be printed as either fully opaque, fully transparent, or mixtures.  Using Spot White Ink, make certain areas opaque to jump out, and leave other areas to be transparent to add dramatic interest to your work.

These panels can be printed three ways:

  • Single Sided - you see color through the material, and white on the back if specified.
  • Double Sided - can supply images for both sides so the panel can be right reading on both sides.
  • Day/Night Backlit - The second side creates the density to provide the richest and deepest color when backlit, but normal density for front lit situations. 

The end product is an extremely striking and attractive end result.

  • Square or Custom Shaped adds even another layer of uniqueness!
  • Clear Lexan for a unique and professional look.
  • Let your print be transparent or add full white or spot white to add emphasis to a specific area.
  • Perform unique wall mountings, install in lighted frames or equipment.
  • Add our double-sided option for enhanced vibrancy and beautiful color from both sides!
  • The only limit is your imagination!

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Printing Quality

Select the quality level of printing most appropriate and within your budget.

Fine Quality with White Ink

A high quality printing method specifically for printing on clear substrates. Image is reversed to print on the back side of clear materials, and use of white ink to create contrast and opacity. Offers exceptional image quality and color vibrance, along with the option of white ink for added color density.
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Choose the material that your product will be printed on.

15mil Backlit Clear Lexan

Premium clear and flexible backlit material. Can be printed on directly using 4 color + white ink.

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