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Wall Decals

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Vinyl Wall Graphic
Also Known As:
Wall Paper Wall Mural Wall Labels Wall Stickers Wall Posters Wall Murals
Recommended Locations:
Wall Ceiling


  • Thick 5 mil matte vinyl creates an attractive surface and minimizes wall imperfections.
  • Make a dramatic transformation, at a cost far less than hand painting.
  • Cost effective substitute for wall paper.
  • Applies to a variety of surfaces.


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Printing Quality

Select the quality level of printing most appropriate and within your budget.


Choose the material that your product will be printed on.

Wall Graphic Vinyl

Durable and workable white vinyl for applying to smooth walls and other surfaces. Holds its tack but is also pliable and flexible when applying.

Laminate (optional) Options

Add lamination to your print. Lamination is a clear adhesive applied to your print that adds color vibrancy and increases durability, and extends outdoor life from fading.


Laminate specifically designed to be compatible with Dry-Erase Markers. Gloss finish.


Thick textured lamination for ultra durability, and protection from sunshine and weather. Clear.


Applied to product to provide long life and durability to surface. Can also add clarity and vibrancy to artwork. Matte finish. Clear.

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