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Custom Shaped Custom Shaped Available

Semi-Rigid PVC
Also Known As:
Wobbler Shelf Wobbler shelf hanging Wobbler Graphics Moving Signs Shelf Signs Tapered Signs


  • Make promotions jump off the shelf!
  • Customizable to any size, any shape at a very low cost.
  • Cost effective and very durable.
  • Optional Removable or Permanent adhesives for dual purpose shelf clip in or direct stick.


Build & Buy

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Printing Quality Options

Select the quality level of printing most appropriate and within your budget.


Our fine print quality option offers exceptional print quality with no image banding and incredibly vibrant colors. If the highest quality is needed in your project, fine quality is the route to go.
More Info About Print QualitiesHow To Create A Cut Path


Our middle print quality option offers great color density and very little to no image banding. This is a great option for high quality color at a great cost.
More Info About Print QualitiesHow To Create A Cut Path


Choose the material that your product will be printed on.

.015" Semi-Rigid PVC

Perfect for insertion into sign frames, or hanging as posters. Outdoor and Indoor use. Not advisable for taping in exterior windows as high temperatures may warp plastic.

Adhesive Options

Choose an adhesive for your product.


Thin double-sided tape - permanent 1" - Applied to sign.


Thin double-sided tape - Permanent one side, removable on other side - 3/4" - Applied to sign.

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